Top 5 Rental Leasing Tips for Maple Valley, WA Landlords

Top 5 Rental Leasing Tips for Maple Valley, WA Landlords

If you're a Washington State resident who wants the best from your investments, there are plenty of great property rental opportunities in Maple Valley.

Maple Valley is a quaint city with a roughly 30,000-person population and is a half-hour drive from Seattle. When you're considering renting out a house to tenants, it takes an understanding of leasing.

Let the tips below help you when you're interested in rental leasing and want some advice that'll help you out.

1. Find Valuable and Attractive Properties

Always start with value when you're considering buying a property and turning it into an investment. Choose properties that are in popular or valuable neighborhoods. Some great neighborhood options in Maple Valley include Cherokee Bay Park and Danville.

Studying the potential of a property to invest in a home that'll attract tenants. This will keep you liquid, profitable, and able to get the best ROI.

2. Choose the Best Property Rental Model

Learning to take care of a rental property starts with having the correct business model. Consider whether you'd like to invest in a short-term or long-term rental. Draw up a lease that is ironclad and that protects your investment.

If you're renting out a property long-term, consider whether you want month-to-month or year-long leases. Set criteria for your tenants and make sure the property fits your business needs.

3. Work With a Property Manager

You also need the help of property management professionals who can assist you. These professionals will assist you in accomplishing all of your goals and making sure that your property is run like a business.

A property manager can assist you with rent collection, getting organized, and running the business as a whole. They will keep a portion of the rent each month and can provide all-encompassing services for you.

4. Know the Laws

Don't start leasing to tenants without first getting legal help. Talk to a real estate lawyer who can make sure that your leases are created correctly, your property has all the necessary zoning and permits, and you follow the laws of Washington State regarding tenant background checks and screening.

Following the law will prevent setbacks and help you run your rental property more effectively.

5. Market and Maintain Your Property

Set yourself up to always have an in-flow of tenants. Choose property managers who can consistently help you market your property to prospective tenants. Take advantage of social media, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Make sure that you also maintain and repair your property regularly. Doing this gives you the best shot at keeping tenants and avoiding problems with the property.

Rental Leasing 101

An investor can gain a lot with these rental leasing tips. Renting out a house, apartment, or other property can reap huge rewards when you go about it the right way.

PMI Puget Sound can help you when you're ready to make an impact with your real estate investment decisions. Start with these tips and leave the rest to us. For stellar property management in Maple Valley, contact us online or at 425-629-9411.